Middle and High School Programs

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”
- Robert Maynard Hutchins

Middle school and high school are a formative time for all of us. It is during these years where the world open’s up and possibilities become real. Our adventures start, and our life learning begins.

The Asia Institute’s focus on middle school and high school partners and their students is to enhance the opportunities this generation of leaders has available to them, by increasing their academic, experiential and global learning with peers from around the world.

Academic and Camp Programs
Academic and camp programs are more structured and include a designed schedule with either an intensive focus on academics and class room learning, or a camp setting with fun and cultural activities. Academic and camp programs may include intensive language courses, thematic concept camps, art and cultural programs, service learning or leadership and teamwork programs etc.
To learn more, please see Academic and Camp Programs.

Middle/High School Partner Introductions/Student Recruiting
As middle school and high school students pursue their academic careers, more students are seeking a global experience to enhance their learning and perspectives. The Asia Institute invites our high school and university partners to engage with our middle/high school students, offering further opportunities for our these students to pursue their dreams.

Customized Study Experiences
Customized study experiences are unique short-term (6-30 day) teacher led study programs, which enhance academic and experiential learning. Experiences may include study travel programs, student shadowing programs between partner schools, host family exchanges etc.

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