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Academic and Camp Programs

For middle school or high school partner schools and students, the Asia Institute offers:
Phillips Exeter Academy

Each year, the Asia Institute, in partnership with Phillips Exeter Academy, awards a limited number of full scholarships to low income students in Asia who would not otherwise have the financial means to attend Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School.

Hockaday ESOL Summer

The Hockaday School, in partnership with the Asia Institute, has developed an ESOL Summer Program to support education, language development and international opportunities for students from Asia. This unique program provides a language immersion program coupled with integrated exposure to American culture and recreational activities. All Asia Institute students engaged in the Hockaday School ESOL Summer are housed in dorms for the duration of the program.

The Lawrenceville School

The Lawrenceville School, in partnership with the Asia Institute, has launched the first summer boarding program at Lawrenceville. This unique program integrates Lawrenceville’s existing summer morning experience, with a customized afternoon focused on applied academics, teamwork and leadership skill development.

Brewster Summer

In collaboration with Brewster Academy, the Asia Institute has developed a unique study tour program where students engage in both academic experiences and travel along the northeast U.S. Two separate programs are offered for middle and high school age students.

Besant Hill Summer

Besant Hill Summer is a uniquely designed program, in partnership with the Asia Institute, which combines introductory academics, adventure, recreation and a real West Coast camp experience. Besant Hill Summer offers students an opportunity to improve their English skills, understand better a boarding school environment, and experience the great outdoors, while also engaging in the eco-friendly community of the Besant Hill School.

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