The Asia Institute in Partnership with Shanghai Roots & Shoots

In January 2015, the Asia Institute announced a partnership with Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ Million Tree Project to offset 10% of the international flight emissions for all students and faculty traveling on Xplore Asia Programs. In doing so, the Asia Institute has become one of very few international education organizations to offset the emissions created by study abroad and international experiential learning opportunities.

When making the announcement, Bradley A Feuling, Chairman and CEO of the Asia Institute stated, “Every year, hundreds of students and faculty travel to Asia to learn, grow and develop their global awareness during Xplore Asia Programs. At the same time, this travel and international learning comes at a cost to the environment. For years, we have dreamed of offsetting the emissions created by our university partners for their international travel and 2014 was our first step. We will continue this partnership with Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ Million Tree Project and other related organizations, until we meet our goal to offset 100% of the emissions created by the international flights of our students and faculty leaders.”

Shanghai Roots & Shoots Million Tree Project, which began in 2007, aims to raise community awareness of the Earth’s precious environment while focusing on steps individuals can take to lessen their negative impact on the natural world. By planting trees in Inner Mongolia, the Million Tree Project is designed to improve both ecological and humanitarian conditions there. Shanghai Roots & Shoots is a part of the Jane Goodall Institute Global Network.

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